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Winter Transition To Spring Adaptability

Sep 7, 2022 | News

As we come out of the Winter into the growing season, your choice of Hybrid Bermuda grass will dictate how difficult it will be to recover from the Winter months. Below, you will see some of the benefits Tahoma 31 brings in those early days of the growing season.

While some well-known strains of Hybrid Bermuda will suffer severe kill rates during the winter, Tahoma 31 has one of the lowest kill rates in the industry. A study done by the NTEP rated Tahoma 31 with just a 4% kill rate over a three-year period. Along with the NTEP study, a peer reviewed study found Tahoma 31 to be the most cold tolerant Hybrid Bermuda grass available.

In addition to its low kill rate during the Winter, Tahoma 31 has been observed to keep its colour in the Winter months in some of the warmer climates throughout Australia, certainly if you are in Queensland Tahoma3 1 holds excellent colour through the cooler months, if you’re in a frost prone area of Australia say VIC or NSW Tahoma 31 loses colour in dormancy as it goes into quite a remarkable dormancy preparing for its early Spring Green Up.

So, if you are located in a climate that stays relatively warm even during the winter, Tahoma 31 is an obvious choice. If, however you are located in an area where Hybrid Bermuda will lose its colour in the winter, fret not. Tahoma 31 is an industry leader when it comes to greening up early in the Spring.

We have all had springs where the Hybrid Bermuda remains stunted for various reasons. Whether it be the lack of heat, Winter burn, or other factors, Tahoma 31 provides comfort in those early Spring months as it races out of dormancy. While other varieties are still dormant, you will be putting in the first cut of the year on your Tahoma 31. While other varieties are wasting fertiliser and time waking up their dormant Bermuda, your Tahoma 31 will be performing at a level never seen so early in the growing season. This allows you more time to get started on the recovery process and to allow for more preparation for the long hot summer that always sneaks up on us.

There was a study across nineteen locations in the United States, and Tahoma 31 was in the top 25% in turf quality in seventy-five percent of all locations. That shows an unmatched adaptability – That is what Tahoma 31 provides, it’s a turf that is able to perform in vastly different climates in vastly different conditions, but it will still perform at the highest level.

This is why Tahoma 31 is now considered to be one of the industry leaders in Hybrid Bermuda grass.

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