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Tahoma 31 excels in Greens Trials

May 1, 2023 | News, Test and Competition Results

The National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP) has released its National Warm-Season Putting Green Test for 2021 recently. This extensive trial program evaluated 19 different turf types ranging from Bermudas to Paspalums to Greens-grade Zoysias. It runs across nine locations in the United States, each with different climatic conditions. The results compiled from these locations are very interesting and may have potential for a variety of turf to successfully run wall-to-wall in Australia.

The latest 2021 data summaries show that Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass, was the top-rated commercial variety in both years and was generally superior to the industry standard, Tifdwarf. In terms of overall quality, Tahoma 31 tied with Seastar as the No. 1 rated commercial variety in 2020, with both having approximately 50% ratings in the top 25% of all categories. In 2021, Tahoma 31 again tied with Seastar as the No. 1 rated commercial variety, with both having approximately over 25% ratings in the top 25% of all categories.

Other ratings, such as turfgrass quality, genetic colour, leaf texture, spring green-up, density, and thatch also showed that Tahoma 31 generally outperformed other varieties, including Seastar and Tifdwarf. Ratings for other categories such as colour, ball roll, and establishment were more mixed and dependent on location and climatic conditions. See the full NTEP trial data at:

(The above image is Tahoma 31 after it was planted at Hervey Bay Golf Course and mown to 1.2mm after 4 weeks.)

The results suggest the potential for Tahoma 31 to successfully run wall-to-wall on golf courses in Australia. Interest in this has seen a number of trials underway with results to date proving to be very encouraging. It is currently being mown to 3mm and less on a variety of sites. Imagine how it performs every other height!


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